Prepared by;
Dagbue Ifeoma
October 2nd 2022.

Executive summary
This report outlines the outcome of the 4th edition of Afrikrown Annual Art Exhibition for the year 2022, which was organized by Afrikrown with Dr Ladi Kwali Center as a sponsor. Partnering with Seedbuilders Innovative Hub, the exhibition spanned four days within which the artworks of eleven artists were showcased, a symposium was held, and the audience were engaged in an art therapy session. At the end of the four days, two artworks were sold, new knowledge was shared and the art therapy session was successful.

Guests and team members at the AAAE 2022 (Levi-Unite II)
Art therapy session at the AAAE 2022 (Levi-Unite II)
Symposium session at the AAAE 2022 (Levi-Unite II)
News feature on Nigerian Pilot by Palmer Jenifer
Advert material for the AAAE 2022 (Levi-Unite II)



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