Dagbue Ifeoma
2 min readDec 30, 2022


Afrikrown 3rd Annual Art Exhibition, October 23rd–30th 2021 and 4th Annual Art Exhibition, September 24–27th 2022.

What is LEVI and how did we end up using the word in the AAAE 2021 and 2022 theme?

The word Levi simply means Unity.
One of the most obvious places one can locate this word is in the Word (pun intended ;). The Levites were a chosen tribe, descending from the son of Jacob, Levi (ref. Gen.29). They were a tribe set apart to serve a higher purpose from which priests were chosen. With this description in mind, the word Levi was selected and its core concept of a people set apart for a higher purpose was incorporated.

Levi-Unite is a call and mandate to young Nigerians and Africans to sit at the round table and begin to make decisions and moves with major impact in areas of interest, now, and for the future. If there is no table in sight, build one, just like the Nigerian music industry did. Elaborated below, is the themes essence;
Individuality and the concept of ‘other’ have taken root and spread like virus in the mindset, activity and vocabulary of many today. These are inevitable especially in the midst of such diversity as in our nation. However, they have increased in influence and, like a hydra, have been the source of many setbacks since the foundations of the nation. Talks about separation is perceived from every corner with little knowledge of the aftermath of such an ordeal, or of the possibilities of a united whole.
The theme ‘Levi-Unite’ adopts the significance of unity with reference to history and the present. It will address the importance of the strength of many as ‘only in the union of many elements can anything perfect be formed’. This is expressed in the African folktale of the old man and his 3 sons which revealed that a single stick is easily broken (referring to the 3 sons working individually), whereas, a bundle of sticks is not easily broken (referring to the 3 sons working together).The theme is also expressed in the phrase plurality of mind. Coined by napoleon Hill, he posited that

one individual cannot possess great power no matter how well informed he is. It only applies when that power is transmitted, hence, there must be a plurality of mind.

Front page of AAAE 2021 , Levi-Unite. (Cover art by Kiroro Eta)
Art by Cringe for AAAE 2022

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